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Difficulties that face EFL Learners in Receptive Skills: A Case Study of Basic Schools , El-kamleen Locality ,Gezira State, Sudan (2018)

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dc.contributor.author Mohammed, Omer Sulman Ibrahim
dc.date.accessioned 2018-07-29T10:21:38Z
dc.date.available 2018-07-29T10:21:38Z
dc.date.issued 2018-01-20
dc.identifier.uri http://repo.uofg.edu.sd/handle/123456789/984
dc.description A dissertation Submitted to the University of Gezira in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the Degree of Master in English Language Teaching ( ELT) Department of Foreign Languages, Faculty Education of EL-kamleen Gezira university, 2018 en_US
dc.description.abstract Learners need to dominate the four English language skills as early as possible these are: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and writing. These skills integrated to make the whole language system. This study aims to improve and develop English learning skills at basic Level Education, and suggesting activities by which teachers can help developing their learners in English learning. In addition, it aims to prepare a suitable env ironment to practise English learning. The study adopted the descriptive analytical method. A questionnaire is used as a tool for data collection. The questionnaire was distributed to (50) teachers of English at basic schools in alkamlin locality. The data were analyzed by the (SPSS) programme. As a results of the analysis, many findings have been found are Listening and Speaking are essential skills in learning language and the other skills depend on them. Technological mediums such as CDs MP3 are making it easier to accomplish the process of language learning, syllabus does not cover all the needs of the learners of English language such as its grammar, vocabulary and linguistics. English language lessons arenot given enough time in classrooms at basic schools. Teachers do not motivate their learners to interact and respond to the language subjects, teachers do not encourage the students to communicate in English specially in speaking tasks. Teachers are not exposed to training courses to achieve the process of teaching perfectly. Based on the findings this study recommends that,. Syllabus designers should design suitable curriculum crossponding the students needs at basic level, technological means like computers, CDs and MP3 Should be accompanied in education, students should be exposed to authentic materials such as movies, songs and anecdote and For the sake of a perfect teaching , teachers should be trained regularly. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship ALhaj Ali Adam (Main supervisor) Ahmed Gasm elseed Ahmed (Co-supervisor) en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher University of Gezira en_US
dc.subject English language en_US
dc.subject language systems en_US
dc.subject English learning - development en_US
dc.title Difficulties that face EFL Learners in Receptive Skills: A Case Study of Basic Schools , El-kamleen Locality ,Gezira State, Sudan (2018) en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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